Tele-underwriting (tele-health predictions)

Tele Health Predictions is a telephone service by Health Predictions which takes over the total medical history and management of clients, replacing the advisors need to take a medical insurance history and to define the underwriting medical requirements.

The service is designed around a telephone interview of the client by a nurse or paramedical about his/her medical status, followed by definition of underwriting requirements and completion of these requirements.

The service is streamlined, allowing the advisor to focus on the professional activity of offering advice.

The following benefits may be achieved.

  • Minimization of client stress and time by telephone communication.
  • High quality information gathered with accurate client profiles, reduced non-disclosure and less need for repeat interviews and medical assessments
  • Reduced confusion about medical assessments and tests
  • Decreased administrative load for all parties
  • Decrease cycle time
  • More precise risk assessment by the insurer

The System

  1. Following the usual advisor procedures of adviser client interview, insurance advise, financial assessment and identification, the advisor may refer the client to Tele Health Predictions, either through the usual referral website at referral form, or by telephone or fax.  The only client details that need be supplied are name, phone number, the amount and type of insurance and the name of the insurance company.
  2. At a time convenient to the client a Tele Health Predictions paramedical phones the client and by telephone interview fills out the specific insurance company application questionnaire
  3. On completion if required, the information obtained can be electronically transferred to the underwriter who provides tele Health Predictions with the medical and pathology requirements (if any).
  4. The requested services are then arranged by Health Predictions at the client convenience, and on completion forwarded to the insurance company in the usual way.
  5. The system allows provision for reflex testing and further testing if requested by the underwriter.
  6. As is always the case with Health Predictions each stage is notified to the adviser and the adviser has electronic access to all the data via his coded Health Predictions access site.  Any questions are referred back to the advisor.