Referrals and Appointments

Referrals can be made by telephone (1800 003 224 or 03 9819 0099), facsimile (1800 009 763 or 03 9885 8523), or by email from the direct access links on this site.  Insurance referrals should preferably be on the pro-forma provided by Health Predictions and the client, supplied with the client instructions provide on this site.

On receipt of a referral Health Predictions takes over the management of all the client's needs, arranges all appointments for specialists, general practitioners, paramedicals, specialized tests, and pathology,  usually on a "One Stop" doctor's office basis or in the home or workplace.

All referrals are acknowledged, client attendances are monitored and non-attendances reported.

Results are forwarded to the referring Adviser or Insurance Company within five working days of the examination and tests.